Sunday, November 3, 2013

15" Macbook Pro (Late-2013): Gotta Love The Battery Life

This is the battery life from my new 15" Macbook Pro, less than a week old.  I finally decided to pull the trigger on this awesome work of computing wonder and retire my 11.6" Macbook Air from late-2010 which I bought in 2011.  The battery life was decent still but with the new Haswell chip and the increased in battery life to 8 hours of normal use, I think it was time for something new.

Plus, I had been spoiled with Retina displays on my iPhone and iPads, not to mention the Nexus 7 as well.

Even as I am writing this post, my batter life is still at 58% with about six hours to go.  I do a lot of writing so I find this to be pretty adequate right now.  Who knows what'll happen in three to four years where tech on the Macbook Pro will take us and how far.

I'll have more to say about the Macbook Pro, my Mac, when I get more time with it.

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