Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sex Toys - Mobile and Social Coming to Android Devices (They Mentioned Apple But I Doubt It)

Source:  Android Guysindiegogo.

I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this or mobile and/or social sites haven't given this more attention.  Sex toys that the mobile and social environment we now live in should allow two people vast distances away to "connect".

Lovense, as they've stated in the Youtube video, provides sensation from one partner to another using your good old sex toys.  Honestly, I've never seen one or held one in person so I've got no idea how it already works and how much better it will be now that there will be feedback and "sensational" input from a remote sex partner.

The idea is simple.  Feedback from one partner's device will be felt on the sex toy belonging to the second partner (or maybe even partners?).

Oh, and if you're just alone or your partner needs to charge his or her device or mobile device, well, there is still a way for you to entertain yourself.  In fact, it could move to any music you have in your library.

It's not a product you can buy yet.  The Lovense developers need your help!  With 18 days left, they're only little more than 1/3 of the way there to the $50,000 they need to fund the project on indiegogo.

What's also of interest to possible backers is that the Lovense engineers are working to optimize algorithms to provide the best experience possible.  Perhaps, who knows, there could be future firmware updates as well?

Based on the types of fundings, most backers are interested in rewards for both the male and female toys.

The backers claim that it'll work with iOS devices.  Okay, Android I get but I have my doubts whether Apple will approve Lovense apps for the app store.

Note:  So far, all the comments appear to be very generic.  Like, you know, those written by those from the company.

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