Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reinvent Before It's Too Late And I've Got Sony In Mind

I like that Sony has bowed out of certain markets and continues down that trend.  More recently, they're shedding the TV and PC businesses.  Bravo!  But it was done because they finally saw the writings on the wall.  See, in reading this Bloomberg post about former Apple excutives.  It really has nothing to do with the subject matter of this post except that I came across a section in it that we already know from Apple's history and its brush with dead before Steve Jobs 2.0 came in and reignited the innovative flame at Apple, enriched our lives with great new technologies, and positively disrupted market after market.

Apple had to shed a lot of dead weight before that happened. That was going on before Jobs' return and continued further when he got rid of the Newton, simplified the Mac line, and dropped other less or money losing ventures.

Once that was one, all the clutter and noise was gone, Apple got back to work and on track.

I believe Sony should use this moment in its history to do the same. And with the right visionary leader, I think the iconic brand, which Jobs once admired, could become relevant again.  But more than that, it would need to also shed some old ideas and notions that that the company once held.

Obviously, as markets chance, companies that repond quicker tends to reap the benefits.  Or as in Apple's case, come into the market later with a disruptive product or service.  I believe in Sony and I think it can do that.

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