Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mobile: Maybe Apple and Samsung Should Keep An Eye on HTC And Not Just Each Other

I have to admit that I've got a bit of envy when it came to the HTC One from a year ago when I saw a friend with it.  However, despite his bravado, I knew that the battery life on the One was no better (in fact, I think it's worse) than other flagship devices from competitors like LG and Samsung.  And sure, the bigger screen on the One did elicit some envy, I did not think it was enough to get me excited and trade in for one (One's camera just was not not as impressive as HTC claimed it to be).

However, it appears the new One M8, let's just call it the M8, is getting enough iPhone owners to trade up.  According to Macworld, 45% of those who bought the M8 were either Galaxy S 4 or iPhone users.  That is quite an impressive number.  I'm not sure even the iPhone has come close to getting Android defections with each new release.

This is worrying for Samsung because of the 21%+ Galaxy users who upgraded, many of those were Galaxy S 4 users, a device that is only a year old.  That means the M8 is moving in on the once seemingly untouchable Galaxy brand.

Trade-ins of iPhone involved a large number of iPhone 5 users, who likely were not impressed with the 5S with its Touch ID and 64-bit chip.  While it's still bad news for Apple, the iPhone 5 is more than 18 months old. 

So, it's possible that HTC has managed to, at least for now, insert itself back into the mobile war that was becoming more and more like a two-horse race.  For the woes that HTC has experienced in the last few years, being a viable distant third ain't bad. 

Personally, I'm waiting to see what Apple might have by way of the iPhone 6, what new features it'll sport, screen size, and battery life.  It comes down to the iPhone 6 and M8 for me.  At this junction, I'm not even looking at the Galaxy S 5.  I've got a Note 3 already so I don't see any major difference there.

And I wonder if this isn't just me. If folks are giving the M8 a harder look, by passing the S 5, or waiting for the iPhone 6, Samsung could be in a world of hurt.  And of course, Apple better really step up with the iPhone 6. 

Whether I ultimately decide on another iPhone or the M8, I'm truly rooting for HTC because I hate to see this come down to just Apple and Samsung.  Because let's face it, Microsoft and Blackberry ain't mounting any kind of comeback in the foreseeable future.

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