Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apple Pay: Pizza Guys Don't Want My Biz

I like that I can use Apple Pay because of the added security.  Let's just say the temptation for extracurricular activities with customer credit card information won't be there if the tokenized numbers can only be used once.  So, I'm more than happy to go out of my way (within reason) to use Apple Pay.  So, finding out today that pizzas won't be on the menu for lunch today because the major pizza chains, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns all do not accept Apple Pay. 

In fact, forget that not only are they not official Apple partners, it does not appear any of their cash registers accept NFC payments at all.  At least not the ones I frequent. 

Moreover, Pizza Hut does not think much about Apple Pay at all and even has "concerns" about it.  The "concern" happens to be that Apple Pay only works for apps and not the larger Web in general - meaning you cannot use it through an old-fashion browser.  It's a good point but it can hardly be called a concern.  Apple likely wants to control how Apple Pay is used and may eventually open it up for general browser use.  But since most mobile users conduct their businesses through apps anyway, it is baffling what PH is worried about.

I see Apple Pay users go where the convenience leads.  While people have different tastes regarding their food, I can see convenience and security being factored into many iPhone users' purchasing decisions. 

I think the real reason for PH not joining up with Apple Pay as an official partner (NFC-enabled registers aside) is access to customer information and being able to track users disguised as loyalty programs.  Apple supposedly is fast-tracking that feature and will try to offer it before the Holidays.  When that happens, I'm sure more retailers will start to set aside their "concerns" about not being able to track you and me and join up.

Note:  We ended up going to Whole Foods for pizza.  When it comes down to convenience and security, I'll those those over an extra couple of bucks anyway.

Source:  Inquisitr.

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