Friday, October 24, 2014

Discovery of NFC Makes Sense: Perfect Use As a Wireless Secured Cash(less) Register

Source:  Macrumors.

iFixit does a teardown of pretty much every Apple hardware that comes out.  And what they found surprised them but it makes sense for Apple to include it?  NFC in the new iPad Air 2.

Consider the importance of Apple Pay as a money printing scheme to pad Apple's Everest-like pile of cash, the iPad Air 2 and probably a future updated iPad mini sporting NFC makes it very important as a means for the tablets to serve as digital payment readers.

Consider this.  You're at a restaurant and the server comes and takes down your order with the iPad.  Then at the end of the mean, the server comes back and makes contact with your iPhone for you to make your payment.

No need for them to take your phone to the back for them to do God knows what with it like they do now the credit card.  And they can't anyway.  And it would be cumbersome for you to have to go to their register to make the payment.

The only thing that matters now is when Apple will enable the NFC on the iPads to serve Apple Pay in this capacity.  And if this works with iPads, there is no reason for Apple to allow retailers to use iPhones as registers too.

This would help tech-savvy businesses expand their payment options for their customers and serve to expand the number of locations that accept Apple Pay.

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