Tuesday, November 4, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus is Fine - There Is No Hardware Problem, & Apple With 86% of the Mobile Profit

9to5Mac has a post debunking a Korean hit piece against Apple's seemingly unstoppable iPhone 6.  Specifically, the iPhone 6 Plus.  Again, a post originating in Korea, which is where Apple competitors Samsung and LG calls home, where the iPhone 6 Plus by even Korean media is trouncing the latest and greatest these two homegrown companies have to offer.  Namely, the Galaxy S 5, Note 4 and Edge from Samsung and the G3 from LG.

By themselves, those devices are top-notch Android devices.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  It's just that in the high-end part of the mobile market, the iPhone is the choice for premium customers.

The original Korean report stated iPhone 6 Plus users saddled with restarting problems due to NAND issues, the memory used in mobile devices and that Apple is faced with a massive recall.  Of course, this issue isn't new and dated back to iOS 6 when users loaded their iPhones will more apps than they really have time to use.

Not to blame the users because Apple should have fixed this bug a while back.

Having said that, the media that are reporting this really should have been more careful about the source of this hit piece against Apple.  Of course, the click-bait addiction most bloggers and mainstream media have isn't going away any time soon.

Aside from the fact that Apple is pretty much dominating in the high-end handset market, what else could possibly prompt this hit piece?  Oh yeah, it must be Samsung's shrinking profit over the last year capping off with a 60% drop in its latest financial reports (CNN).  Again, Samsung does make great Android handsets and still have have almost $4 billion profit so it's not a bad thing by normal standards. (Who cares about Wall Street, right?)

In the latest report, Apple dominate the mobile profit pie to the tune of $86% with Samsung chipping in with 18%.  The over 100% is due to losses incurred by others like Motorola.  (Slashgear)

Then there is this.  Korean telecoms are providing greater subsidies than allowed by law due to overwhelming iPhone demands and competition for what they know is a subset of wealthier mobile warriors.  They employed various schemes, both online and offline, to circumvent the limit as allowed by the government.  (Makes zero sense to me which Seoul won't allow competition to dedicate the market price.  This is the angle I don't get). (Source: asiaone)

So, no hardware issue for the iPhone 6 Plus but Apple does need to address this unique bug.  And Apple's pile of cash keeps piling up.

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