Friday, November 7, 2014

There Ain't Gonna Be An iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB Recall

"They you go again". That's what's going on with the media and unnamed sources about Apple again. A couple of days ago, there was a hit piece from a Korean newspaper stating that Apple had used faulty menory chip controller. The specifics of the chip is important. You and I would understand it. What we do understand is that the sources being quoted continues to be"unnamed".

According to iMore, the same newspaper continues to assert that a recall is coming.

Until Apple says something, this is beginning to look like pathetic attempt by certain "unnamed" competitors based in Korea trying to stop the behemoth that is three iPhone. iMore is certainly more professional than I ever will be.

It's time they face this single one fact: copying won't work and it will require true innovation from Apple's competitors to unseat the iPhone at the high-end of the mobile market.

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