Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple To Frame Watch Success Based On Lives Saved, Improved Health, And Convenience

Apple Watch may well be a flop.  No one knows until it actually goes on sale and, even then, we will have to wait a couple of quarters at least to know if this is actually the case.  On top of that, should the Apple Watch add a mere $10 billion a year to Apple's bottom line, it's only a flop compared to other Apple launches.  Ask any of Apple's competitors and ask them if they would like to see an extra $10 billion to their revenue.

Still, this has not stopped headline grabbers from news outlets to "analysts" and other forms of pundits to come out and used the same tired argument about how Apple is doomed and/or how a device that will sell millions is a failure. 

Take this list of detractors via USA Today. One of the arguments made about the Apple Watch being a failure is that it only works with the iPhone.  Duh.  It's the iOS ecosystem.  As last I checkedly, it's limited to the iPhone and iPad. 

The success stories that Apple will be sharing will not be limited to how many Edition units it'll sell.  In fact, it's entirely possible that Apple will no share any data regarding how many units of specific Apple Watches it sells and the average prices for competitive reasons.  The stories will be about how the lives of Apple Watch users are enriched by the plethora of features like the health ones that many will beneit from. 

It'll be about Apple Pay and other conveniences the watch offers. 

And this is only the first one.

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