Friday, March 6, 2015

Apple Watch Details Leaked To Media To Build Growing Hype Or Really Bad Control At Apple

It's Friday afternoon here in the Pacific Standard Time.  The sun is up, the freeways will be clogged for another four hours, and the parties have even started yet.  And the rest of the world is well into their weekend.  So, it should be a slow news day, right?  Ordinarily, Friday afternoons are perfect time to unveil bad news that no one wants folks to pay attention to.

So, it's odd that there are plenty news on the Apple Watch that are somewhat positive - longer battery life than expected.  As in 25% longer with double the actual usage time (9to5Mac).  And this is news leaked to an Apple-centric blog and not to a major news outlet like Bloomberg or the WSJ. 

Why now?  At the start of this post, I had wanted to make you, the readers, decide whether this is more controlled leaks from Apple to build hype through the weekend or Apple had somehow lost control of the flow of information.  Only yesterday, Bloomberg shared juicy bits about a few fortunate developers like Facebook giving special access to a secret lab to work on their Apple Watch apps. 

More and more, I'm beginning to believe that Apple really is behind anything and everything, both rumors that are true and fantastic, and they carefully laid out detailed plans of what to leak out, who to leak it out to, and when these leaks come out. 

I'm not naieve here.  I know Apple is fully capable of manipulating the press.  It plays favorites much of the time.  I'm only saying now that the operation is much bigger.  And while the Internet has opened up many new outlets for flow of information, it has allowed a skilled company like Apple to also control how information flows. 

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