Friday, June 26, 2015

iPhone: On-Screen Fingerprint Identification More Real With Apple's Acquisition For 2016

According to reports (MacDailyNews, CNN), Apple has bought a fingerprint identification company, Privaris, that could help make the home button disappear and move the fingerprinting scanner that we now use for TouchID onto the iOS screen itself.  Furthermore, it could bring TouchID to other Apple products like the Mac as well.

Remember that to make TouchID a reality and as useful as it is today, Apple sought and bought AuthenTec back in the middle of 2012 (Phone Arena).  And when did TouchID show up on the iPhone?  A year later on the iPhone 5S in September of 2013.

If history is any indication, perhaps we might see a radically redesigned iPhone without the home button and the TouchID moved to behind the screen itself and opening a whole host of new real world uses. 

Of course, my next immediate thought is how will Apple address all the smudges on the iPhone 7 or whatever Apple will call the iPhone in 2016? 

Furthermore, consider that Apple's new hot selling Apple Watch has Apple Pay but lack the TouchID component, it could greatly enhance and change the wearable market.  While I'm more confident Apple can incorporate Privaris technology into the iPhone by next year, it's less certain what Apple has planned for the Apple Watch given the size of the device, battery life, and other considerations.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Apple losing the home button and shrinking the size and weight of the 5.5" screen iPhones.  As it is now, it's one of the tallest mobile devices on the phone market.

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