Friday, June 26, 2015

Safari Without Google Search: It Is A Matter of When, Not If

Here is an interesting analysis (The Street) of what it will would like should Apple remove Google from Safari, Apple's default browser, as the default search engine.  Financial terms aside, it would be interesting in speculating what would serve as Apple's default search engine instead and how that would impact mobile computing going forward.  And while Microsoft's Bing would serve as the logical heir, do not forget how Apple's Tim Cook is really making privacy an issue that would put DuckDuckGo in the running.

The Street article cover much of the basis for why Apple will dump Google. Google is a major competitor to Apple in multiple markets - computing (OS X versus Chrome OS), mobile (Android verus iOS, Google Now versus Siri), wearables (Android Wear verus Apple Watch), and their growing ecosystems (App Store, Apple Music, iTunes verus Google Play, Google Music). That's just today's competitive market where the two tech giants overlap.  Months and years from now, look for them to compete for the home, wallet, and even in the auto industry (some day, maybe even space?). 

From Apple's perspective, it makes sense for it to keep its competitor off its platforms and ecosystems and doing it within limits and not to run afoul of public sentiment and maybe even regulatory authorities.  But Apple has other good reasons to move beyond Google.

Tim Cook, given the national and international atmosphere over government spying and the erosion of privacy by Internet companies, has made maintaining the privacy of its customers a feature if you will.  At times in public, Cook has suggested that some companies that offer free services were not in fact free but were selling information collected from users. 

Furthermore, as mobile computing meant a move away from traditional desktop computing where Google owns a large piece of the search and ads revenue and further to mobile apps where Google search is not as dominant, being able to choke off Google's revenue stream is a plus.  Just how much that is now weighed into the equation to dump Google is only something Apple really knows. 

While the article did have to mention Bing to cover all the basis, it would make sense for Apple to seek search solutions that does not mean its users have to give up personal information or be tracked on the Web whether they are using Safari on iOS or OS X.  The logical and sole solution appears to be DuckDuckgo. 

Still, Google is betting that free will figure into thinking of most users when they decide which mobile platform they like to use, convenience, and even the service or app themselves.  And when it comes to cloud computing and services, Apple is way behind while Google continues to provide great cloud services for free.

Google already has a taste of the future.  Apple replaced Google with Bing with Siri's searches and has added Duckduckgo to Safari as an option.  Both moves are small compared to when Apple erase Google from OS X and iOS.  Not only that, Apple continues to make changes to iOS to choke off advertisers and gathering of information from iOS users.  These are important information that Google and others need in order to sell ads,

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