Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Showtime Follows HBO On Apple's Platform

Source: Variety.

So, CBS will be bringing its premium channel to Apple's platform as an exclusive for a short while.  No word on how long that window will be.  I'm sure with HBO's exclusive with Apple coming to an end, Android devices will soon be able to venture into Westero (Game of Thrones - HBO site) soon.

This is just another step forward in breaking the old TV model and venturing into the future of video entertainment.  Note that this is only a very small step.  It will be a while before Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Google, and maybe the social networks can wrestle control of video content away from entrenched and well funded cable companies with a lot of influence in Washington and state capitals. 

No work on when Apple and Showtime's exclusive deal will end.  I do have an Apple TV and I look forward to watching Homeland (official website).

Apple is currently working on deals with content providers to offer a subscription service to its customers.  Meanwhile, Google isn't standing ildly by.  Google is also putting together a package via Youtube (Bloomberg).

Take this a step further, it is not out of the realm of possibility that traditional tech and social media giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook could also get into the content creation business.  Microsoft already dipped its toe with TV show development.

Look for more to come.   Future has started.

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