Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Apple Makes more Than $10 Billion And Added $15 Billion in Cash But Wall Street Continues To Knock Down Stock

Yesterday, Apple reported an insane quarter - adding enough cash to push its total over $200 billion.  On top of that, it commands a market share in mobile profit that is just insane.  On top of that, Apple's growth in China and elsewhere in the world isn't done.  Still, Wall Street managed to knock down the stock price because Apple merely beat its own guidance but not ones that Wall Street "analysts" pulled out of their darkest reaches of their behinds. 

So, while this is how Wall Street works - a legalized manner to manipulate stock prices.

However, Apple itself probably isn't too worked up about it.  In fact, with tens of billions set aside for stock buybacks, it probably is pretty happy.  So, it makes one wonder if Wall Street is help Apple out.  A more conspiracy minded person may very well think that.

I'm sure Tim Cook and these so-called analysts would not comment about it.

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