Monday, July 20, 2015

Apple Watch: I Too Like Mine But It Feels It Can And Needs To Do More

Source:  Macworld.

Yes, the Apple Watch is pretty good and the more I use it, the more I like it.  And this seems to be confirmed in the survey Macworld pointed out.  And what's interesting is the non-tech folks seem to be more impressed with it than the techies.  I think I land squarely in the middle but I do feel something is lacking.

Is it a deal-breaker?  Not really.  I had been hold off on the Apple Watch until I received mine as a gift.  So, I decided to keep it.  It has helped me in one significant manner:  I've lost weight and felt healthier since.  That's about it. 

Now that sounds like I'm being a bit flippant about it.  I'm not.  I only suggest that my Apple Watch was going to help me in other ways and the health feature was going to be secondary.  The survey noted in the Macworld post did not mention in what ways were people impressed with their Apple Watches so I cannot say for sure if their experiences are similar or different from mine.  Other than ease of use, no questions were asked about what functions that lead users to give the Apple Watch a 97% apporval rating.

Notifications are "neat" feature to have and I'm sure other smart watch users find them as useful as Apple Watch users do but I ended up dismissing most of them.  Occasionally, there are one or two that needed my attention that then require that I take out my iPhone to deal with.  When convenient, I sent my replies directly from the watch but that is rare.  Yesterday was the first time I received a call and answered from the watch.  It seemed to have worked fine.  The other party did not have trouble hear me and I was walking along side a busy street with a few cars going by.

But I cannot help but feel there has to be more than just the health features, which I'm sure will improve with each Watch OS and hardware update, notifications.  I don't know what could make the Apple Watch or other smart watches more useful and appealing but I'm sure smart folks in Cupertino are working on that.  Until then, my only complain would be the battery life.  I'm sure that is being worked on as well.

So like these other Apple Watch users, I've taken the new wearable device for what it is now, what it can do and how well it performs.  And it has performed as advertised.  And that is all we can expect at this time.  It has made my feel healthier and kept the iPhone in my pocket or bag.  Well done, Apple Watch! 

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