Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Busy Apple Schedule on Tap

Looks like Apple's 2015 Fall event is over but the festivities for fans anyway are not quite over until at least through November.  Let's go through the schedule and see what we have on top through the end of the year.

Here we go:

  • September 12th (Saturday):  iPhone Pre-order.  This is going to be madness.  A lot of pinned up demand from the iPhone 5/5S crowd, not to mention those who are still rocking the 3.5" iPhones.  The iPhone 4S is no slouch but it is getting long in the tooth when it comes to some modern features.  So, preordering starts on midnight which means a lot folks who ordinarily go out on Friday could decide to stay home to order their iPhone.  Don't forget to check out the new annual upgrade program from Apple. This would save me a lot of trouble.  
  • September 16th (Wednesday):  Watch OS becomes available next week, or a week from now if you're reading this today.  While Apple did not upgrade the Apple Watch hardware (this was not expected), Watch OS 2 will take us out of the Dark Age and give us features that Apple probably meant to give us.  Yes, we were all part of Apple's beta program for the last few months.
  • September 30th (Wednesday):  El Capitan, the next OS X update, ships for the Macs.
  • Late October:  Apple TV becomes available for us.  It's likely that Apple hae them ready to ship but the extra month will give developers time to prep their apps for the Apple TV app stores and features.  The developer kit for tvOS is available today.
  • November:  iPad Pro.  This is the gem for today's announcement.  12.9" display, desktop performance, new keyboard case, and, who can forget, Apple Pencil.  
Oh, one more thing.  While the Mac lineup did not get any mention from Apple, it's conceivable that Apple will update the iMac with a 4K display long with upgraded CPU for the Macbooks later this year.  And the Mac Pro has not had any upgrade in a long, long while.

So, there will be plenty to talk about in the weeks and months to come.  For tech fans, specifically Apple fans, Christmas is here!

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