Monday, September 7, 2015

iPad Pro: 256 GB Or Else

Here is a bit of plausible rumors about the upcoming iPad Pro from Apple (9to5Mac). It will start with 64 GB and max out at 128 GB. Personally, I have been lukewarm about it and have been eyeing a possible iPad mini (it is 3 or 4 now). If the rumor is true, then I'm passing on it and will opt for the one next year, the year after, or when ever Apple offers a 256 GB option. This is after all, an pro version of the iPad and that means it will need the creds to be about productivity.

After all, with the 128 GB option on the iPad Air 2 now, I'm kinda hitting the wall at times.  And with what Apple has planned for the iPad Pro in iOS 9, 10, and beyond, serious mobile warriors will need more storage as improvements and new features advance what they can do with their iPad Pro.  And 256 GB is at least a minimum in this regard.

We will know in the next few days what Apple has planned.  There is a possibility that Apple may have a second event in October and leave the September 9th even entirely for the iPhone and Apple TV and that means waiting even a bit longer before we know what Apple's game plan is for the iPad Pro.  

What do you think?  Is 128 GB enough for a Pro tablet or you will want more storage like me?  Or are you fine with even just 64 GB?

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