Saturday, September 12, 2015

Canon Does 8K in a Major Way and Surprise VR Headset

Source: Engadget. 

Looks like more folks are getting into the VR game and Canon would be the least of many people's guesses but it does make sense since they make some of the best cameras around.  

Now you'll have to excuse Canon who demo'd their wares at the Canon Expo. See, they're still all prototypes. And recording and pushing out more than 35 million pixels, their 8K cameras are not ready for the market. And frankly, with 1080p still firmly entrenched in millions living rooms, it is unlikely most consumers are too much about 8K when 4K still isn't on the minds of most folks. (No Film School)

What is interesting is Canon demonstrating its VR solution including how they record content for it along with a prototype headset. Given enough interest, it is possible for Canon to enter the market. And why not if its 5K VR headset can provide an immersive and entertaining environment?

Oh yeah, it's 5K total between two screens. So, not bad at all.  

And given that it appears Canon can control the whole experience, from filming to displaying, it could conceivably provide an experience like no other VR headsets in the market. 

However, it's likely the 8K camera and VR rig will see the light of day than the VR headset. Or Canon could eventually license its VR technology to someone else and let them worry about developing and selling their own headsets. After all, Canon is more commonly known for their cameras, and to a lesser extent, printers. 

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