Sunday, September 13, 2015

iPhone 6S Vs iPhone 6S Plus

I am writing this post to help me sort through which iOS device I should upgrade to. And as if this writing, I have yet to decide which iPhone 6S model to upgrade to and which iPad to upgrade to. I went ahead and both the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPad Mini 4 but like anything else, I can cancel almost any time I want or just send them back to the local Apple store.

I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Air, both I am handing down to waiting hands of relatives. So, let's start with the iPhone.

iPhone 6S Versus iPhone 6S Plus: Like I said above, I have the iPhone 6 Plus. I like it but at times, I find the size to be an issue especially coming from the 4" form factot of the 5S. While the 6 Plus fit well inside the front pocket of my baggy jeans, it never let you forget that it is there. Maybe that is good but I also found myself thinking that I would not mind having the lighter iPhone 6.

Sure, the iPhone 6 Plus' big 5.5" screen is pretty good but I did not use it in ways that I expected. I didn't write more than usual with it, reading comic books (not once on the iPhone 6 Plus), or any more productive than when I was on the 4" screen of the 5S. I am writing this post on the iPhone 6 Plus with a Bluetooth keyboard. Does that count?

Oh, and I run with my iPhones. I never go to the gym without it because it is my main and only music player these days. When I started running with a smartphone, it felt awkward and uneven because I am usually holding it on one hand and switching it to the other ever other quarter or half mile. Now, imagine running with a bigger device like the iPhone 6 or 6S Plus.

Now, don't get me wrong. One of the biggest issues with me regarding smartphones and I'm sure most readers would agree is battery life. The 5S was okay but under semi-heavy use, it did not last. With the iPhone 6 Plus, wow, it was a major leap forward as far as battery life goes. I have yet to worry about the battery life and impose upon myself what I want to on the iPhone 6 Plus. I still charge it every day because my mobile devices, especially ones that fit in the pockets of my pants are my go to devices every single day. From what information is available on the Internet about the battery life of either the iPhone 6S or the 6S Plus, it appears that he 6S will have an even smaller battery than the 6. Granted that Apple has managed to squeeze out greater efficiency on both the hardware and software fronts, that still worries me.

Size, weight, battery life. The major issues I am considering as I agonize over which iPhone model to upgrade to. There is also the issue of the camera differences between the two models. While the larger iPhone 6 and 6S Plus both have optical image stabilization, your average mobile users have been unable to tell the difference between images taken by both phones.

Well, between the stops and goes from the start of this post till the end here, I think I have not come any closer to a decision. I'll have about two weeks to decide. And while I don't think 6S and 6S Plus reviews that should come out a few days before 9/25, the day before the new iPhones goes on sale, I am hoping they'll offer additional details to help me make my final decision.

How about you? Which model are you getting and how did you arrive at that decision?

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