Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Call Recorder - An Useful Feature if Apple Ever Implements It

MacObserver pointed out a security risk on an app called Call Recorder that allow conservations to be stolen.  I'm not user of this app so I cannot say whether this is some sort of a trojan app that is allowing some nefarious groups or governments steal calls.  But I can say for sure that this would be high on the wishlist of an iOS update to record Facetime audio for podcasting purposes.

Why would Apple allows such a feature?  Simple.  Privacy.  If this is implemented only for Facetime, it would do many things for Apple users, least of which, is the assurance that their calls are private.  Before each call can be recorded, everyone connected on the call should give their consent.  Those who do not will simply have their audio muted.

On top of that, this would have a wide range of private and commercial uses - calls for posterity for users. I occasionally record FaceTime calls with my baby niece and nephew.  Adorable, right?  And how about this for podcasters - the ability to record calls and directly import them into whatever audio or podcasting apps they use.  Also, for interviews from journalists to other professionals who needs to record and generate audio files, it would help a lot.

For years, I have not been a fan of giving anyone the ability record calls.  But as time have passed, my stand on this has changed as well - but privacy and the rights of all parties should be preserved.  

More than just privacy, Apple can stand to benefit from this.  Beyond the publicity and good will that might be generated from this, Facetime calls, audio or video, take up space.  That means iCloud storage.  That means people subscribing to increase their storage allotment with Apple.  That means more dollars.

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