Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Tales Of the iPhone Mini - Picture-In-Picture Feature

There are a couple of reports in the last few months about how the iPhone 12 mini is not selling well and Apple has been cutting back its productions even as the iPhone 12 and the pro versions are flying off the shelves.  It is disheartening to say the least but I think it is too early to write off the mini considering.

I have written about the mini a few times since I got it.  I enjoy reading reviews about it since they're mostly very positive.  For those us who do own it, I am sure I'll have a hard time finding someone who isn't happy with it.  Sure, I would not mind having a longer battery life but since I'm home bound due to COVID, I have not found myself worrying about charging it up.  And if rumors are true, I'll be the first in line for the Apple MagSafe battery.  

One thing you want to keep in mind about the mini despite smaller form factor (of course, smaller but not so small screen) is that on the size, it is every bit an iPhone 12 as its bigger siblings. That means it is fast.  I've done a fair amount of productive activities on it.  

And the best feature is the picture-in-picture feature.  The feature has been available for almost year now.  On my previous mobile driver, the 2016 iPhone SE, it worked smoothly even on the 4" screen.  I can adjust the size of the PIP screen as well which I made as small as possible when I am doing work on the SE.   On the mini, it is even better.  At 5.4", I do not have to adjust the screen as much.  

At times, some of my work is just writing or working on some office files.  I can still work while allowing myself a little distraction when I am out and about and not on my laptop.  And these days, between music, audiobooks, podcasts, and videos, there is a lot to consume.  I'll take any few minutes that I can steal way to catch up on some much needed entertainment.  I'm also one of those folks who enjoy a little background sounds as well.

It took a while for Apple to finally implement PIP on the iPhone.  Like I said, it was only available on iOS 14 whereas it has been a main feature on the iPad for years.  I don't know what took Apple so long to bring this over to the iPhone.  when I heard about it for the iPhone, I could not believe it.  Nor could I believe it would work on my SE.  And now on the mini, it is even better than what I could have hoped for.

Stay tuned for another Tales of the iPhone mini.

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