Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Bing Chat Told Me I Why I Should Not Upgrade My MacBook Just Yet

With an aging MacBook that still continue to serve me, I do long for a M-series MacBook. However, do I really need one right this moment or in the next month or two? The conclusion after much deliberation is no. And that deliberation took months. And during that time, I certainly managed to muddle long with the Macbook from 2016.

I will need one eventually. All good things come to an end and I think my MacBook is nearly that. 

  • The keyboard was subpar to begin with. 
  • The battery is about half what it was
  • It does not support the latest OS anymore.
However, I use Bing's ChatGPT powered search and ask whether I should be upgrading to a new MacBook now. The answer, depending on how you feeling about these AI-powered chat queries, I found was quite reasonable. 

If my MacBook continues to serve my needs, including learning to code, well then by all means, keep it until it stops to serve that need or breaks down.

Bing's AI chat suggested that if my MacBook is slowing or is struggling to keep up with my coding needs, then it would be time to upgrade. At the same time, what I did find interesting was the hedge - it suggested that if my needs are specific and require a more powerful MacBook now and have the means, then go ahead and consider upgrading now.

Personally, I'm going with the first part of the suggestion and upgrade after I have gained enough coding experience and have outgrown my 2016 MacBook.

I just find it very interesting what Bing suggested to me. My next query is going to be more about web-based coding solutions that I can do with my iPad. But first, let's see what Bing suggest I do - go with an iPad or MacBook when I do decide to upgrade.

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