Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Case To Keep iPad Mini 6 On The Market When the iPad Mini 7 Goes On Sale

When Apple release the iPad mini 7, Apple should continue to keep the mini 6 on the market with a price drop. There are many reasons why Apple should make this move. I'll outline the reasons below. 

Before I get into that, I want to note that I am currently on the iPad mini 5 and my wife got the iPad mini 6. While I always like having new things, I can't say that I am jealous of my wife's iPad mini. My mini 5 has worked so well for me since 2019 when it was first launched. I'm coding a bit on it and with the Apple Pencil, I'm drawing much better.

I eagerly want to see what the iPad mini 7 has in store for us. Will it be enough of an upgrade for me to make the jump? We will have to see. Meanwhile, I hope that when it is finally released, Apple will consider keeping the iPad mini 6 around.

Why it would be advantageous for Apple to having iPad mini 6 on saleon the iPad mini 7 is released? Here is why:

  • Apple can lower the iPad mini 6 price by $100.
  • It will help APPLE cover a greater segment of the market. Users who want a lower price iPad will have more choices.
  • It is a good alternative as an iPad for school. The regular iPad is heavy. It means greater chance of the iPad being dropped and damaged by school children. The iPad mini may hold up better given how compact it is when it is also in a good case. Lighter to hold. I'm speaking from experience in this regard.
  • This will improve APPLE‘s profit margin because they will be using technology and parts that they likely have recovered in terms of R&D, and the rest is pure profit other than the material used to build the iPad Mini together line
  • The iPad mini 6 uses the first generation Apple Pencil. I don’t know what the cost to make an Apple Pencil. I only know that the cost of the first generation Apple Pencil is much lower to manufacture now than it has ever been. For anyone who wants a simple sketchpad, iPad mini 6 with the Apple Pencil is the perfect solution. I have tried various solutions to turn my iPhone Pro Max into a sketchpad, and let me tell you, nothing works. At least, nothing works, as well as the iPad and the Apple Pencil.
  • Back to pricing a little bit. With iPad mini 6 haven’t been on the market for about two years now, you can kick this count on them for $100 off. That would be the same exact entry point for the current iPad mini six on the market from time to time you see it on cell phone $500 down to $400. Imagine it going even lower to $350 on Black Friday. Picking up one of these for your child or for yourself as a entertainment device is a no-brainer. Heck, I’ll pick one up myself $350 if I didn’t already have one. 
  • Lower price iPads are the perfect entry into the Apple ecosystem for millions of potential lead new users. It will increase the number of people who would subscribe for Apple services like Apple TV and news.
  • From a content consumption standpoint, I cannot see much difference between my mini 5 and my wife's mini 6. We use our iPads to watch videos, reading books and comics, and play games. I don't see the iPad mini 7 to be that great of a leap in these regards. However, the iPad mini 6 does support Apple Pencil 2 and many artists would be able to benefit from the upgrade. And from the content creation standpoint, the mini 6 will still hold its own for years to come. Unless the iPad mini 7 can run Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, the mini 6 would still be very powerful.
By the time Apple releases the iPad mini 7 next year, assuming it takes Apple about 30 months to date the mini like the last time so it likely will not happen in 2023, the iPad landscape will have change a lot. However, I believe this will be for the better from both the content consumption standpoint and being able to use the iPad mini 6 for work/productivity. The iPad mini 6 will continue to evolve with new features that allow it to continue to serve the needs of all users.

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