Sunday, May 21, 2023

Bing Chat Told Me Why I Should Pick A MacBook Over An iPad for Coding and Content Development

I value portability in today's computing devices. It's why I have not owned a desktop since my college days. I'm pretty sure that most college bound students who need to get a computer probably went with a laptop. Maybe even a small number of them might have opt for an iPad. 

So out of the blue, I asked Bing Chat whether I should get a MacBook or iPad that I can use to code. Not surprisingly, Bing told me to go with a MacBook. Essentially, Bing found MacBooks to be more versatile when it came to the number of tools available for coding and development. It does think that the iPad has potential.

The other issue it brought up is cost. I specifically asked if I should get an iPad Pro but it seems to suggest that there is no difference between a regular iPad and an iPad Pro given that the apps that are available for coding on the iPad run on all current iPads. So, if cost was an issue, the iPad would be the way to go. 

On both accounts, I agree here just as I agree with another question I asked Bing if I should upgrade my MacBook now and it suggested that I did not have to do that unless I absolutely need a new one.

Although this is only two questions that I have posed to an AI chat, we an expect such AI to straddle both sides of the fence and provide us with a balanced recommendation and at the end leave the decision to us. I'm not going to tell you what to get but I will tell you which is better for certain conditions but you will have to made the decision based on what you know best. I suppose, we can be grateful in this sense: we still have the freedom to make choices ourselves. 

Based on both questions, I will get a MacBook once my current one dies or is unable to let me do whatever it is that I need it to do. 

One note about coding. There are online tools that lets you code online through the browser. For beginners, I think it perfect. I'll take a look at these tools and make the appropriate recommends. Maybe I'll even get Bing to provide some input as well.

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