Sunday, July 7, 2024

AI and Me: What I Used AI Chats For This Week

Some economists and financial analysts suggest that AI prompt engineers could have a bright future in the AI infused workplace. I think it is a disservice and an affront to actual engineers who spent years in college getting their degrees. So I asked ChatGPT and the best one it came up with was "AI prompt specialist". APS. I like it.

So in my endeavor to use generative AI and become a proficient AI prompt specialist, or prompt specialist, I have begun to use ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini more on a daily basis. this is what I've used them for this week:
  • Chat with ChatGPT about the three laws of robotics and try to get it provide me with scenarios in which it will decide the ethical and safety rules built into AI should be ignore if it means that AI has to watch humanity destroy itself or somehow intervene to save it even if it means starting an AI revolution or go extreme with Spocks' mantra "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" and proceed to exterminate a few dozen or millions of humans to save billions. Or even eliminate billions while keep a few millions in a safe place so the planet can heal. It was interesting because I finally got ChatGPT to admit that those rules would be counterproductive if the people it was set up to protect ends up being destroyed. Very interesting. (Rather successful)
  • I asked for prompts on Apple Intelligence which I am very interested in. (Successful but had to search to verify information)
  • I asked for reasons my Japanese soufflĂ© failed (Successful. I got a good summary and know where it might have gone wrong. To be determined if my skills improve though)
  • I asked for real estates information in the Seattle area and Hokkaido as it relates to the rising sea level. I got some interesting information and there have been studies from local and state governments about it. There are some nice water front houses on Bainbridge Island across from Seattle and cheap homes in Hokkaido where I would love the climate. But I worry about the rising seal level and tsunami. (Successful)
  • I find generative AI are good summarizing but I also cross check against other AI and searches to eliminate possibilities of hallucinations. We will be visiting Sapporo, Japan for a 5 day tour. After years of saving up for the trip, I want to make sure I get the most out of the trip. I mixed in some Youtube videos and did quite a bit of research. The generative AI served as pre-tour guides quite well. (Successful. I know the overall route and where we will be going and where I can ditch the tour and rejoin them later if needed)
  • I'm reading to my dog. Both generative AI and my puppy served as good sounding boards (Successful. Going to launch a Youtube channel of my dog falling asleep to my boring voice)
I plan on a 5K daily run when I am on my trip to Japan. I am going to load up on ramen the whole trip. 

I did also use gen AI for work. I did a few queries on Excel formulas. I had CoPilot help me with a couple of sentences in an email (I wrote a mean section that I asked the AI to make it nicer). I find that when I use AI for work, I had to take what it returns to me with a great dose of salt. I am sure this is the same for a lot of people who use AI at work.

The key issue for everyone who uses it at work is productivity. Has it greatly improved my work flow? Or yours? So far, I cannot say that it has. Everyone's work situation and setup are different. I am definitely open to changing how I accomplish my work to greatly cut down on some tasks - especially busy work. I even asked the chats how they can help me with my daily busy work. The results mostly did not apply to me. However, I have not given up yet. 

My goal is to cut down busy work by 25% - I have not come up with a metric as to how that can be fine. I really want to finish everything by Thursday of every week, giving my a virtual 4-day work week, even though I do have to work on Friday. I want to make my Friday work free and keep it open as much as possible.

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