Monday, October 6, 2008

iPHone Takes Pole Position

The buzz this morning is the NDP data point to a dramatic change in leadership in the smartphone sector.  Who are the top sellers?

  1. iPhone
  2. Blackberry Curve
  3. Blackberry Pearl
  4. Palm Centro
Here are some statistics to chew on:
  • 30% of people who bought iPhones were new customers to ATT versus industry numbers 23% customers switchers
  • 47% - nearly half of new iPhone owners came from Verizon
  • 24% - nearly a quarter of new iPhone owners came from T-Mobile (I'll be staying with T-Mobile for the G1 experience)
  • 19% of new iPhone customers came from Sprint
  • 11% of smartphones sales were iPhone before iPhone 3G intro.  17% after iPhone 3G was made available.  About a 55% increase.
  • NDP surveyed 150K customers for this report
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Analysis:  I'm glad.  For two reasons.  The new comer comes in and shake things up.  This time it's Apple.  Next time, it may be Android.  who knows.  For all these wireless giants who think otherwise, it's good to see them take it on the chins.

The second reason is that the humbleness is also being shared by Verizon and other wireless carriers.  Open your network, guys.  It's not about letting phone makers take control but let the consumers choose. Verizon can't wait for Storm to be in their stores.  Or can they?  Pricing is so secretly guarded it's making Apple look bad with all their recent product leaks.

Here's the bottomline.  The mobile and wireless market has changed dramatically.  All I've seen about "G1 openness" from T-Mobile, Sprint's fine prints, and Verizon trying to redefine their open network initiative are mere Orwellian double-talks.

Winners: All mobile warriors.

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