Friday, May 28, 2010

Apple Launches Are Festivities and Story Time

Frenzy is not the word I'd to describe the mobs that have sprung up from all over the countries that are part of the first of many wave of iPad launches.  That would be an understatement and a wrong depiction.

I'd say it's more of a block party.  For international readers, think of it as festivities that spontaneously take place out of nowhere without planning.  Certainly, outside of plans by Apple to offer coffee and donuts (well, we were given donuts, not sure what they gave in Japan), no one asked that the crowd show up.

No one said we should call the media and have them do live broadcasts of launches. 

But it happens anyway.  Why is that?  I honestly can't say.  I think society has changed in such a way that we treat our gadgets as "man's best friend" (or "a woman's best friend").  They allow people to do things they could not previously.  SMS was a huge advancement in social exchange but the iPhone really revolutionized how we consume information.

Not only that, it allows the user to exploit the information consumed.  What do you think those apps are for?  Just games?  No  The iDevices now allow society to be more mobile, creative, and savy in ways 

And that's why people are excited about Apple products. It wasn't Blackberries or Palms or Windows Mobile phones that did it.  Certainly not Nokia.

Sure those products were around before the iPhone and now the iPad but Apple made it possible for the rest of us to do all those things.  And more than that, Apple made took the ease of use to a level unmatched even to this day.  

Essentially, while Apple products even as far back as the iPod made it cool to have, Apple also made it cool to use.  

Of course, as with any brand, there is always the fear of overextending it.  However, I am sure that Apple is well aware of that.  Branding for Steve Jobs is just as much a part of selling iPhones and Macs.  Like many have said time and time again, it's also about telling stories about Apple products.

So long as they remain compelling stories, I don't see why people won't come back and back again to Apple.

Every time Apple has a press event, unveils a new product, or hosts a grand opening for a new Apple store, fans and non-fans flock to the nearest live blog or location to be a part of it.  There is something special about it.  Magical as Steve Jobs aptly put it.

So, Apple made it cool to in this manner too.  Hanging out with people who love mobile tech, who like to exchange stories, and just have fun in general.

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