Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iWeb Needs iAd Integration And Mobile Tools

I have wondered why Apple included iWeb as a part of the iLife too. I understand that it's a part of iLife and MobileMe integration but it's not all that useful as a tool beyond personal use.

In the beginning, I used it to put up videos and pictures of my family and friends and to share them. Then later, Apple offered the ability to use a number of features that one might think iWeb can be used for business purposes too.

iWeb allows Adsense integration, HTML input, ability to set up your own domain name, and to publish podcasts. These are not features to be used for someone who just wants to share news, videos, and pictures with friends.

So where can Apple take iWeb next? Well, I am hoping two features be added. See, these days, its about apps and mobile. What do I want Apple to include in the next iWeb update?

First, I love to see Apple give us iAd integration but still keep Adense as well. Apple went through all three trouble to innovate ads, it might as well compete with Google on the desktop and mobile ads for the Web.

Second, I like to see a one-click publish to turn a website into a mobile version for the iPhone. I think with all the emphasis on mobile, it is a must have feature for iLife. It would be a killer feature that no other software is capable of.

Lastly, and this feature I want doesn't have to be limited to iWeb. But for those of us who aren't programmers, a feature to turn a website into an app. And if possible, include it with Bentos.

Should Apple want to dominate the mobile domain, this app feature would go a long way in showing the market just how easy it is to create apps for the iPhone platform.

And while I am dreaming, maybe Apple can allow users the ability to publish a doc to epub format to be used with iBooks. Heck, make easier for people to publish their own ebookd.

Am I asking too much? I don't think so. I think everything I've brought up here are within Apple's power to grant. If I can think it up, I am sure smarter folks at Apple have as well. It is a matter of whether it is within Apple's interests to make it happen. If it makes sense for Apple, to quote a famous Starfleet captain, to "make it so".

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