Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Will You Use Vid Chat On The Next iPhone For?

Video-conferencing is coming to the iPlatform.  You know what else would be cool?  If you can toggle between the frontal camera and the back camera. It's a reporter's dream.  Cameramen, you're screwed!  

I am sure by now, you know that the next iPhone has a frontal camera for video conferencing.  So what does that mean for the future of visual communication?

I think most folks are still thinking about this.  We've seen in on TV in scifi but we hardly use it in real life.  Almost every I know has a webcam in their laptops, certainly on their Macbooks. And it's rare that we sit there and actually chat with anyone for a length of time. I've communicated with folks overseas.  Families mostly.  

But the iPhone offers a true mobile experience.  Can you imagine talking to a friend while you sit at a Starbucks or stroll through the mall?  Yeah, I think I'll be doing stuff like that in the beginning.

And if I'm a reporter and I see a news breaking event, I'm gonna whip out my iPhone and start reporting live on the spot.  And since this is Apple, we can pretty safely say that the video quality is going to be excellent, this can really sideline some cameramen in some instances.

What's more, suppose the iPhone allows you to toggle what the viewer(s) see on the other end.  Instead of the frontal camera, you allow the video to stream from the regular camera.  Then when you're done showing what you want, you can toggle back to your image.  Like I said, a reporter's dream.

How will you use the vid conferencing feature on your new iPhone?

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