Monday, May 24, 2010

People Who Quit iPhone (For Whatever Reasons) Are Making A Mistake

I will be getting an Android device soon. I already have a G1 and I am looking for an upgrade. I've yet to decide if a phone with Android 2.2 installed is my next phone or the next iPhone with iPhone 4.0 installed.

That's the point.

Now, before I go further, I just want to make somethings clear. Some Android devices, at this time and point, are excellent alternatives to the iPhone 3GS. Take the HTC Incredible for instance. I got the opportunity to play with the Nexus One over the weekend for an "extended period of time" and I think I can be happy with it. The Droid, well, not so much. So, I repeat: some Android devices are good alternatives to the iPhone and with the right one, you can't get go wrong in that direction.

However, folks are comparing Android 2.2 to iPhone 3.0 and making the switch. Hey, if they're happy with that comparison, more power to them. I know that many folks who have made this mistake end up coming back to the iPhone, sometimes, at great expense (canceling pre-existing contracts and paying for the cost of a new iPhone).

Flash. Please. In a video posted today by PocketNow, Android's browser does have Flash. Great, just as advertised. And just as advertised, Google said Android has the fastest mobile browser.

Well, that was not the case in the tests conducted by PocketNow. In fact, Nexus One is far slower than than the iPhone 3GS. I guess Steve Jobs was right all along that Flash is slow as well as a resource hog.

Now, anyone who quit the iPhone, after all these years, because of ATT aren't making much sense here either. You've spent 2-3 years on the ATT just to use the iPhone. Why give up now? You should never have been with ATT in the first place.

For anyone quitting the iPhone two years after the App Store is available because of Apple's app approval policies. Why? Again, it doesn't make sense at all. You knew Apple would create a walled garden. It's been going on and on for years and will continue to be the case.

Anyway, the main issue is folks who are quitting the iPhone now aren't doing it because they're comparing apple to apple (I don't apologize for the pun). Even if folks want to compare iPhone 3GS to the current crop of Android devices, Apple is still outselling Google's latest and best.

Me? I'm doing the smart thing and I'm gonna way for Steve Jobs to convince me that next iPhone along with the whole ecosystem is still the mobile platform to beat. And just like many other times before, Steve will convince me that going with the iPhone is the best choice for me and tens of millions of others.

Here's the main selling point about the iPhone that has made it so success and why other Apple products are so popular these days. It's because Apple's products just work.

Impact For Mobile Users: The reason I am writing this post, more than anything, is convey that we need to explore all aspects of a mobile platform before deciding which serves us best.

Note: A search note today says that 17% of Verizon subscribers will join the iPhone camp if Apple makes it available on the CDMA network. That's more than 15 milions new iPhone users who will be making the right decision.

Another note: I am a big Android fan. If I don't get another Android device as my next mobile, I am certainly looking forward to an Android tablet should it be a good iPad competitor.

3rd Note: A new test was conducted by PocketNow with Flash disabled. Why? Flash is an advertised feature of Android's Web experience. Users can't be expected to turn off Flash when they want faster browsing. It's all or nothing for anyone who professes having Flash as a reason why they quit the iPhone.

4th Note: I got the inspiration for this post from this by PC World post by some guy name Cross. Well, it's just a blog, just like this one is. He's entitled to his opinion. His claim of millions switching is quite infantile though. For full disclosure, I'm linking to the post.

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