Monday, March 5, 2012

Future Mobile Development Likely To Have Chinese Influence

Apple recognizes the importance of the Chinese market to its mobile and computing focuses.  Mac sales are doing pretty well, growing faster than the US and Europe while mini-riots break out for iOS launches. Oh, let's not forget about the gray market for Apple goods because Chinese launches lag US and EU launches by months.

So, when Apple release the Mountain Lion beta, few were surprised that Apple integrated some popular social network and email services popular in China and most agree it makes a lot of sense for Apple to make it easier for the Chinese mobile warriors to integrate their contacts, calendars, and social needs into their iOS devices and Macs.  

As a Weibo user (because I'm trying to learn Chinese), this is perfect.  At this time, I'm unable to figure out how to access Weibo but if you're a fluent Chinese speaker and uses this Chinese version of Twitter, you'd find it very useful.  I know I would, again, if I can figure out how to access it from my US version of Mountain Lion.  

I've no doubt that iOS 6 will bring similar integration for the same Chinese social services.  

And this is likely just the beginning as Apple begins to show the fruits of its work to make its products even more appealing to the Chinese market.  And it's likely that others like Microsoft will offer Chinese specific features.  We know that Renren, a Facebook clone, will headline Windows 8.  

Essentially, we are seeing the beginning of developments for the average Chinese mobile warrior.  And going forward, not only will such developments accelerate, it's like future OS developments, specially in the mobile area, will be influenced by the Chinese market.  

As a mobile fan, I am excited by the possibilities, especially if it's develop by Apple's focus on ease of use and on what "just works".  

Note:  I'm unable to find some sharing options like Weibo and Vimeo-like video sites.  I hope it's just the fact that Mountain Lion is in beta and that once the final version ships, those options will be right there along side Twitter, Vimeo, and others.  

Another Note:  It's really weird that video sharing via Youtube isn't an option while Google account integration is still there.  However, Youtube sharing via iMovie is still there.  Perhaps, by signing into a Google account, there is no need for a separate Youtube login.  Boy, this war between Apple and Google is really making OS development very interesting.

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