Monday, October 22, 2012

Arrogant Company With Name Start With The Letter “A” (Not Apple) Steals Back Stuff Woman Buys And Cancels Her Account

This morning, we learn that Amazon UK wiped a woman’s Kindle, killed her account, and promises to do the same in the future if she ever tries to open up another Amazon account.  Oh, thank goodness for DRM, says Jeff Bezos.

All of this came from Martin Bekkelund (via The Guardian).  Right now, it’s one sided because Amazon’s public records (e-mails to the distressed woman) suggests that is is being a hard-ass about all this and is looking to stir up some really bad PR just before the Holidays shopping season in the Western world (and China).

Not only will folks, and they should, start to reconsider buying Kindle and other DRM’d media from Amazon, they will have choices from Apple who will release their Kindle killer, the iPad mini, Google will quite possibly release their $99 Kindle-killer Nexus tablet, and Barnes and Noble’s Nooks with their growing legion of loyal fans.  Oh, though probably not a big concern at this time, Microsoft is releasing their Surface tablets in less than a week.

So, Amazon, we wait word from you on this matter before we completely trash you and ruin your Christmas.  Oh, and folks, if you don’t recall, let me refresh your memory.  It was also Amazon that snuck through an open window of Kindle owners who bought copies of 1894 from Amazon and stole it back without telling people about it.  In fact, one of them was a stupid who used his Kindle to do his reading and note-taking.  All wiped out.

Way to go, Jeff Bozo…

Note:  A side editorial note here.  In a world where news travel faster than at any other time in history, in a world where Twitter and Facebook can topple despotic governments, and where anyone with a laptop or tablet can blog about anything they want, companies like Amazon continue to think they can get away with things like this where in an instant, hundreds of thousands of not millions of users all over the world can rally to support the woman that was wronged by a greedy corporation.  That goes for Apple or any other companies as well.

Another Note:  This is to these arrogant companies that think they can push folks around.  Don't mess with us.  We know people who know people who can get word out when you try to pull the rug out from under us.  We are now vocal and we'll make you infamous.

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