Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interesting Theory: Apple's Event Today Aimed to Bury Microsoft

Interesting theory here from CNet. Apple's event today was not just about the iPad mini. It was not about putting some distance between the iPhone 5 introduction and the iPad mini. It was meant to bury an old foe once and for all.

Now, obviously today's focus was on the iPad mini. However, Apple did introduce a refresh of virtually all Mac line. Only the MacBook Pro and a MacBook air or not refreshed because they were just updated months ago. Perhaps, it was a coincidence. A coincidence that Windows 8 is just around the corner as well. Call incidents that Microsoft tablet, the surface, is about to be released.

Obviously, Apple's event today could've been aimed at Google, Amazon, or anyone else who wants to compete against Apple's ecosystem during this Holiday season. Personally, I surprised Apple did not bring forth any new media development.

So, maybe it's just a matter of timing. It's not Apple's fault that everyone wants bunch all their new gadget introductions during October.

I do believe, that Apple did put today's event As close as possible to Microsoft's own announcements. And don't forget, that Google is set to make its own announcement sometimes next week.

This will be a very crowded Christmas. Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple executives are going to try to outdo themselves. New iPhone, new iPads, and new Macs. An Apple conspiracy? Who knows. We do know this. Apple will have a very big quarter. Perhaps it's biggest. The question is With anyone else will have a great Christmas.

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