Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Siri Can Help You Buy Movie Tickets - Think About It, This Is Huge

After getting the last iOS update, which brings it up to 6.1, I was kinda "meh" except for the security plugs that were long, long overdue.  I was "whatever".  But having a couple of days to digest this now, I'm very excepted about one update:  Siri can now buy movies tickets for you.

First, you have go to download Fandango but that's a small issue. As with any Siri services, you have to download the associated apps as well.  No big thing.

What's big is mobile commerce for Siri just started.  Siri is moving beyond provide some searchable answers to user questions to starting to make money for Apple.  You can bet that any deal with Fandango in the case of buying movie tickets or other deals that Apple is likely to agree to will include Apple getting a piece of the action.  Whether it's a simple transaction fee or Apple getting a percentage of the transaction.

I would love to be able to order pizza through Siri.  Had Apple sealed a deal with Pizza Hut or Dominos, Siri's ability to order pizzas for users would be a huge deal for Superbowl Sunday.

Other services I can think of right off the top are other venues where tickets are are required - amusement parks, sporting events, or museums.  Certainly, any restaurants that provide takeouts.  In fact, Apple should integrate iTunes into Siri.

Suppose I want a movie with some Chinese food because I'm going to have friends over.  It would be awesome to ask Siri to set the whole night up.  "Siri, I want to rent Bourne Legacy and Ted and download them to the Apple TV.  Also, order some Mongolian beef, sauteed spinach, vegetable chow mein from the closest Chinese restaurant to home."

I mean, how awesome would that be?  What's more, Apple is going to make a boat load of money through these kinds of mobile transactions.  A fleet load.  If you're an Apple investor, this is the future you have to look forward to financially.

As a mobile user, you can't help but be excited about what Apple has planned for Siri.  It's not going to happen overnight.  It could take a couple of iOS upgrade cycles.  Even more.  But it's already happening and it'll only get much better.

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