Thursday, August 29, 2013

Samung Tab 3 Kids, with 7" Display and Yesterday's Tech, To Compete with iPad in Education

Source:  Clouding Around.

Samsung released a very colorful Galaxy Tab tablet for children.  And it may well also aim this tablet squarely at Apple in the education market.  Question is does Apple have anything to worry about?

samsung galaxy tab 3 kids

No.  Not with this version but Samsung has a Microsoft-like characteristic that some people admire and others don't.  They'll keep coming back  and trying year after year, screen size after screen size, until they find a fit they can live with.

Right now, from what looks of things, it's very much for toddlers and pre-K mobile warriors.  And I can tell you that if you give this to my 3-year old nephew and an iPad (he has his own 3rd iPad with Retina Display), he'll opt for the iPad because this Samsung Tab looks like a toy while the iPad doesn't and he assumes it can do more for him.

And he may well be right as this 7" Samsung Tab 3 Kids will give parents/teachers greater control over what apps their child will have access to.

For now, Apple's safe.  The iPad mini is the best sub-10" tablet on the market despite not having a Retina Display.

However, I would like to see Apple improve on its user-experience and allow for greater parental or education control than what is currently being offered.  For now, I don't see anything in iOS 6 or 7 that does that.

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