Sunday, November 17, 2013

iPhone With Curved Screen: How Much Sense Does It Make?

Source:  On Android.

First there was the Nexus S.  Now the LG Flex. Samsung also has its own device but there isn't anything new about it - if you want to know, it's called the Round.  You can head over to The Verge for more info.  Between the two, I think the Flex's top-bottom curve makes more sense than the Round's side-to-side curvature.

However, this is talk that Apple is interested in developing its own curved-screen iPhone.  It's a rumor and while I don't like to dish rumors here, for the sake of speculation, we will here.

Let's suppose the rumors about Apple releasing a curved iPhone is true, it'll be interesting to see what real world advantages of curved screens has over traditional screens that Apple can develop. What kind of real world applications a curved iPhone might have over competing devices from the Android world.

I've mentioned that reduced glare might be a possible advantage but there would need to be more for Apple to move on it.  And Apple never released a product with new technology for the sake of doing it.

Word is that special sensors could be in the works.  If true, that would make the rumors, and that's all they are, rumors, make more sense.

Today on a Sunday, the mobile world exploded that Apple bought a 3D sensor company.  Initial reports are that the company, PrimeSense, focused on 3D sensing for the living room as well as mobile (Reuters).

For speculation sake, let's sake Apple needs something from PrimeSense for more than the living room.  Say it has to do with the curved screen design.  Wouldn't that be spectacular?

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