Sunday, November 17, 2013

Must Read: Paid Firms To Stack Against Apple May Have Short Term Effect But Long Term Could Still Go Apple's Way

Here's a must read Appleinsider post regarding just how analytical firms that sell themselves to the highest bidders to stack statistics their way.  What's interesting is a quote within one firm's, Strategy Analytics, client page that one of its missions is to "influencing consumer behavior and buying preferences".

Time and time again, we've noticed that firms refuse to recognize Apple's growing dominance in the tablet market with the iPad and the influence its had on the PC market.  Time and time again, firms refuse to acknowledge the change in the mobile computing market in a shift away from PC towards more lighter and nimbler tablets, at the time, was only the iPad that sold in any number.

The question is does Apple mobile fans care?  Probably not.  Only a subset of this group really care about these reports or keep scores.  For the general mobile market, those who are more educated about the differences between tablets, iPad versus others, know what they want and whether they want to be a part of Apple's iTunes, iOS, and mobile ecosystem.  A wider portion of the market care nothing at all about iTunes or Play or anyone else.  For them, it's about the price.

The point though is that Apple owns a large segment of the mobile market, both PC and tablet, of those willing to invest in the mobile life.  This is part of the market are willing to spend more on their devices and not only download apps but buy apps as well.  This is why though Google's Android has overtaken Apple in terms of downloads but Apple is still king when it comes to app store monetization.  This is why Apple likes to brag about how much Apple has paid out to developers.

And while the public may not know or care in general, constantly hearing how Mac sales are slowing or that Android tablet shipments have outran the iPad could definitely have an adverse influence on Apple.

It's possible that the tide could turn in market and profit share against Apple.  But I think any setback is temporary.  Just like in the smartphone market, the iPhone has had to deal with $100 or $200 Android devices (and now, cheap Windows Phones too) for years since its introduction in 2007.  But in the US market now, sales of iPhone is beginning to turn around and in about a year, could overtake Android.

Note that Appleinsider is a rumor site and very pro-Apple.  I have found that while it is pro-Apple, it isn't in the realm of Fox News if you get what I mean.  It's very insightful and doesn't go places or twist facts too much to make its argument.  Still, you have to decide for yourself about this particular post.

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